Cancer daily horoscope december 19

Try a different approach today, Virgo. Instead, allow the natural actions and reactions to take place. The more pressure you apply, the more people will resist you. Channel your prodigious energy into a personal project, like that memoir you started in the spring or your closet downsizing. Stranger in a strange land?

Cancer Daily Horoscope

So have a look at your personal life: What needs rebalancing? Starting today, make real efforts to adjust those things. Prioritize your sense of safety and serenity. A friendship or sibling bond could come under scrutiny today, Scorpio, but no need to play 20 Questions. With the Sun synced up with your co-ruler, detective Pluto, you might second-guess everything this person says and does.

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If honesty is not forthcoming—for whatever reason—consider this an opportunity to bring some breathing room into the relationship. With domineering Pluto in your second house of money and possessions exactly trine the Sun, you want what you want WHEN you want it, Sagittarius! Nor will you have the greatest impulse control—especially when it comes to a luxury purchase or booking an incredible trip.

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Crunch the numbers. Just realize that acting too independently could have repercussions, so maybe cc the team when you send off that hugely important pitch deck to a client or book plane tickets for a fall vacation.

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  • This is not a day for pushing: not your agenda, not molasses-slow associates, and certainly not your significant other! Some days call for bold actions, and others, like today, require more strategy and finesse. Toggle navigation.


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    These services are for entertainment only. UK only. To opt out of free promo messages call Helpline: SP: Inveroak. The strong and lucky connection between Jupiter and Mars in your money zone inspires new ways to earn cash. Links with the fashion business that blend glamour with hard graft are a source of new friendships. Introduce daring ideas to a partner gradually. As Mercury continues its erratic path through your values chart, people behave uncharacteristically.