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However some big happy events wedding bells anyone? Individuals who were born in the winter October to December according to Chinese Lunar Calendar will be lucky and will have a fairly stable year with minimal change.

Horse Career Horoscope 12222 Predictions

Nevertheless, wealth fortune remains unfavourable in Watch out for legal cases and take extra care when dealing with contracts — in fact, probably best to leave it to the professionals where possible. There will be an ever-changing wealth fortune in the year of the Goat — and some unexpected expenses will make it hard to save up. As well as your own hard work, a break through in business with bring your wealth back on track — but avoid making any risky investments. For those who incline to switch career, is the year to do it.

Even if you decide to stay back with current position, there will be opportunities for promotion. Dog always welcomes the help from the Horse. Horse is the fastest animal for long distance travelling on the ground. Horse likes to compete with others. Horse can be a leader in their group. Horse likes to pursue success, victory, power and reputation. Dog will also be able to accept Horse's knowledge and wisdom. Horse will satisfy the mother and child relationship with Dog.

Dog is Male Earth, which is connected to hill or tall wall. Horse is Female Earth, which is connected to torch, candle fire, lighting or Leon light.

Daily Chinese Horse Horoscope

When the illumination decorates on the wall, the wall becomes an eye-catching advertising billboard. That implies Horse and Dog working together can become an outstanding and attractive team. They have a reciprocal relationship. Horse is Fire and Dog is in the Earth group and also contains some Fire. In the Chinese astrology, Dog has a nickname, the Storeroom of Fire. Dog is collecting the Fire.

Dog is the jail of Fire.

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After entering the storage room, Fire will have the difficulty to take out of there. That means the Fire relationship between Horse and Dog is very close. You were born in the Year of Horse. The following is the Brown Dog year prediction for people born in year of Horse. Diligent and persistent Horse chases the sun all day long till sunset.

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It's time for Horse to take a break to recharge the energy and prepare the dawn battle. Career: Horse is in the Fire group. Fire is afraid of Water. Water represents career to Horse. Dog is in the Earth group. There no water inside the Dog.

Therefore, you won't focus on the career development during the cycle of the Dog. That doesn't mean you don't have career luck. You probably just want to keep the current job status. The career luck will become stronger in the winter.

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If you work hard, you might have extra rewards in the end of the year. Job Change: If you have the promotion chance to a new position, then you need to think twice before making the decision. Dog is Male Earth, which is connected to the mountain.

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When we see the mountain, we need to stop to figure out the better way to overcome or bypass it. Therefore, you need to analyze the situation, consider whether the job is hot and check any limitation for your career. Or people try to kick you upstairs. You should be conservative. That doesn't mean to give up the opportunity. When your competitor suffers setbacks, then you can consider stepping forward.

Horse Daily Horoscope Today

Wealth: Horse is Fire. Metal is afraid of Fire. Fire represents your money. Dog is Male Earth and also contains little Metal. The Metal inside the Dog is connected to the money earned from hardship. To improve your money luck, you need to use your creativity, willpower and leadership skill to earn the money in the first half of Dog cycle. The second half will be the harvest season.

You need to finish your works early. Then you can enjoy your achievements and rewards during the winter. This is a good sign for love relationship. If you are single, then you have great opportunity to find your lover.

The Horse Year Personality Horoscope

Therefore, you can attend more social activities and express your caring to people. Then you dream will come true. If you are female, then don't miss to try the person younger than you. If you are in love, then your relationship will be closer than ever. If you regret the relationship, and then your lover won't let you out of the relationship easily.

If you are married, you will feel your love much stronger than before. You and your spouse will be an inseparable couple.

Social Circle: Horse and Dog have attraction relationship into Fire. Therefore, your people relationship will be pretty good during the cycle of the Dog. Horse is taller than Dog and runs faster than Dog. Horse likes to compete, seeks the limelight to become a leader in the group. Horse and Dog can get along well. In order to gain for the higher reputation, Horse needs to seek the support from Dog. Dog might steal the show from Horse.