Types of libra man astrology

Libra men have many attractive characteristics.

Unfortunately, these same qualities, such as their charm and flirtatious ways, often lead to their downfall. A Libra man will shamelessly flirt and cajole the object of his affection until she eventually gives in and gives him the attention he has been longing for.

Libra Man Likes or Loves You? Tips on How to Tell

However, once that lovely lady gives in, she may want to keep a close eye on just how close her Libra man becomes with all the other ladies in her life; specifically her best girlfriends. Does the Libran man deserve the reputation of being a womanizer? Well, yes, but in the nicest possible way. He truly does appreciate everything a prospective partner has to offer.

From beauty to temperament to opposing viewpoints, a Libra man craves it all. Once you take the veil off and peer at what's really there, you'll see that this man is a shameless flirt who is capable of charming the pants off of anyone under eighty!

Libra Personality: September 23 - October 22

Those born under the sign of Libra are not one dimensional. After all, it takes more than charm and physical attractiveness to rack up all those conquests! That's where their intelligence and well-balanced temperaments come in handy. Libra men are a rare breed indeed. They somehow manage to be sensitive to their partners but are still seen as a "man's man.

Libra (astrology) - Wikipedia

If the Libra man in question is just a crush and doesn't realize you like him, feel free to tell him. This is one man for whom you can throw "the rules" out the window.

How to attract a Libra man in 5 steps:

The Libra man is someone born between September 23rd to October 22nd. Air signs, as you might expect, are all about movement and action. Like the wind, you can be swept up very quickly with an air sign, not knowing where your involvement with this person may take you! This can be very exciting and also means that people who are air signs are always on the move and wanting to engage in new things. These are signs that fall at the beginning of each season.


A Cardinal sign personality will be the type of person who has leadership qualities and has drive, although the four individual Zodiac signs themselves have their own way of showing this. First and foremost, the Libra man is very charming.

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This is a person who is very socially aware and skilled in conversation. Like a Leo, this is a person who can arrive at a party and make a big splash, although in a much more sophisticated way.

Libra Compatibility

He is also very much a team player and is very fair and responsive to others. Libra men in love are dominated by their obvious natural tendency to want to balance things out and this means that one of the things a Libra man excels at in a relationship is compromise. The Libra man is also someone who has an eye for detail, especially in how you treat him. A really good example of this would be with his likes and dislikes.

In a word — Chaos. As you can expect, the Libra man wants to see balance and harmony in his life and this also goes for his relationships. The final turn off for the Libra man is how quiet you are! This is again linked to the need for balance and their desire to keep everything harmoniously in perspective.

If this sounds like you, and you feel as though you need to take action to keep your Libra man engaged with you in a relationship, then keep reading…. This is a course for any woman who wants to work towards getting the attention of their man firmly back on them. Regardless of your horoscope, age, or relationship status, this approach to dealing with any relationship issue has already been instrumental in helping women all over the world find happiness. Imagine your phone rings with that familiar messaging notification sound.

You pick up your phone with a sense of dread. I know I have no right to ask this. But… maybe we still have a chance? You need to have the confidence that you can bring about the change you want in your life. You have the chance to properly trigger that well of emotion all men have hiding beneath the surface.